NEYMA, interactive soundscape composition based on a low budget motion capture system

ICMC | SMC | 2014 Conference - Atene
15 settembre 2014

Poster scientifico
di Stefano Alessandretti e Giovanni Sparano

Mocap (motion capture) techniques applied to music are now very widespread. More than two decades after the earliest experiments, there are many scientists and musicians working in this field, as shown by the large number of papers and the technological equipment used in many research centres around the world. Despite this popularity, however, there is little evidence of musical productions using the mocap technique, with the exception of a few that have been able to rely upon very high budgets and very complex equipment. The following article aims to describe the implementation of "Neyma, for 2 performers, motion capture and live electronics (2012)," an interactive multimedia performance that used a low budget mocap system, performed as part of the 56th Biennale Musica di Venezia.